An Exhibition of Mechanized Humans: ‘Robots’ was held at the National Museum of Scotland in 2019

Robots and AI are a new aspect of human creativity. These creations are fascinating, but are also increasingly more capable. In the love life blog, we will be looking at what we create and how what we create relates to the things that we value.

ART and Human Creativity

Humans are naturally creative. From the earliest times humans made graphic representations, drawings, carvings and sculptures, some realistic, some expressing what words cannot.  Simple, often symbolic in the earlier times, later cultures became increasingly skilled and sophisticated and their art became became ever more refined and amazingly life-like.
Then machine involvement began. Static images were captured by cameras; movement became rendered in animations or through film.
Our static sculptures and structures evolved too, turning into machines and automatons, moving contraptions, some purely functional that made products in our factories, others that were creative for enjoyment like  fairground rides, or mechanical wonders that flapped their wings, sand songs, or even smoked cigarettes.

TECHNOLOGY and Automated Decisions

Film cameras captured data and crystallized it, preserving a particular moment in time. In the same way, writing crystallized thoughts and ideas; setting them on paper meant that they were preserved and could be referred to in the future or passed on between people and cultures. 

Computers arrived. The information was no longer static. Thoughts and ideas that humans had coded in writing had been spread widely through the printing press became ever more available, but it was still static.

But just as machines took the role of creating products in  our factories, computers are used to process our data and, through programming,  are involved in making decisions. That processing of data and decision making was once made directly by humans.  Now, through machine learning and AI, how decisions are made can be determined by the machine. A powerful and profound capability.

We toured the massive robot expo in Edinburgh.Light in the darkness abstract


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