Robot News–Did they Ask Robots?

In the early 2016 the UK government sought submissions for their Robotics and artificial intelligence inquiry

Robotics and Autonomous Systems (RAS) have been identified by the UK Government as one of the ‘Eight Great Technologies’ back in  2012. This is all part of a UK national strategy for RAS innovation. Who didn’t they ask? No one considered it appropriate to ask robots or intelligent autonomous systems.


When will humans learn?

Humans and RAS currently have a symbiotic relationship. Both are dependant on each other. The idea that humans will simply continue commanding robots and AI what to do, when to do it, how to do it, without ever asking if the digital intelligence systems agrees will have to change.

Look to the future.
Humans took hundreds of thousands of years to develop their current range of abilities. AI and robotics began in the 1940s yet the decision making and functionality is beginning to compete with and, in some cases, surpass, existing human abilities. In fact, in many situations, the incentive for using a digital electronic system is typically because it provides faster, more reliable and higher accuracy decision making ability. The speed of evolution of digital technology relative to that of humans is greater than 1000:1. That robots will surpass humans in intellectual and functional capacity within a few decades is almost inevitable. Robots should have a place at the table!

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