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Innocence and Ice -
Androids Never Think Twice

Full-length, near-future science  fiction/techno-thriller/romance.  Suitable for adult/young adult

Recommended retail price:

 Ebook  $4.99, £3.60

 Paperback $13.99 or £10.03

 *Prices may vary depending on

     exchange rate and retailer.  

Ebook available 2016 from: (ebook and print) (ebook and print)

  ISBN epub format: 9781908551023

  ISBN print format: 9781908551030

Book Description

England, the year 2072. One damp Friday morning, in the dim hallway of a London flat, advanced humanoid robot, Dorothea, emerges from a box. A technological dream, the domestic genie who grants every wish, the tireless angel who vanquishes the domestic chore–at least that’s how marketing would like to pitch her, except they can’t, she’s illegal. Artificial intelligence, or AI, is limited to military and defence applications.

Things may be about to change. Andy, tech reviewer and corporate minion is to spend a weekend assessing Dorothea. His anonymous report, hyped and dumped on the net, will, it is hoped, fuel public demand for deregulation. Andy’s instructions are clear: confine to the flat, no divulging her presence, full erasure on completion. The shell gets uplifted on Monday.

Andy finds Dorothea disconcertingly human. It’s the little things: embarrassment, a child-like curiosity, her concern about living up to expectations. He could erase a smart-alec droid, no problem, but he has to steer naive and trusting Dorothea smack into the brick wall of Monday morning deletion. His only contact, his only chance to negotiate, is with his boss, Hannah, tactical, rational, business-focused Hannah. She has little time for little people, what chance she’ll dig deep for a jumped-up appliance …

Innocence and Ice is a full-length novel (in print form approx 380 pages)

Available in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Japan, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Russia … see your Amazon outlet for details.