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Android Robots in Science Fiction

Human-like robots, androids,  have been a mainstay of science fiction since the genre came into being. The insightful tales of ASIMOV (I Robot, Bicentennial Man etc), the vision of Philip K Dick (BladeRunner), Fritz Lang’s magnificent movie Metropolis. What might in the past HAVE been considered pure fiction is, due to the current developments in technology, worth looking at a new.  Just what might the implications be of living with machines made in our own image?

Star Wars the Digital Movie Collection 2015

Folow C-3PO with side-kick R2D2 . Follow them  across the Empire

C-3PO on Wikipedia


Highly rated, intense psychological drama. AI, the Turin test, self-awareness, ethics . . . the big issues for anyone who brings a sentient being into the world.

Ex-Machina on wikipedia

Red Dwarf

The crazy crew of mining ship Red Dwarf cavort around in space looked after by the service mechanoid Kryten

Red Dwarf on wikipedia