The Robot in the Refrigerator and the Best Buy Review

New science fiction  – AI robots in our homes

Robot in the Refrigerator and the Best Buy Review . . . the Basics

The Robot in the Refrigerator is full-length science fiction thriller intended for adult or young adult readers. The English language version is scheduled for publication in Jun 2020 in paperback and eBook formats and will be released worldwide.
The subject matter is  AI technology, self-consciousness and the question of what it means to be human.
Date and outlets to be announced (request notification).

PAPERBACK and eBOOK specifications (estimated):
The trade paperback version is 320 pages
h203mm x w127mm x 22mm,  weight 500g
Paperback edition price expected to be
£9.99 in the UK, $12.99 in the US, €12.99 in the Euro Zone
ISBN13 :9781908551054   ISBN13 :978-1-908551-05-4   ISBN10 :1908551054
eBOOK pricing and outlets to be announced (request notification).



The Plot of The Robot in the Refrigerator

Andy reviews robots . His employer, Tech Domestic,  has a special project for him, an important  but highly confidential assignment. Andy senses trouble. Low-level technicians don’t get allocated important roles, not without reason.

Dorothea, the domestic robot he’s been told to review, is the latest domestoid to be delivered to his door. Each face the challenge of organizing Andy’s life and turning a bachelor flat into a city-chic home. According to Andy’s boss, this one is the most advanced appliance on two legs ever. He’s got one weekend to review it. 

As Andy suspected, there’s a snag . . . the AI is highly illegal. If he gets caught his brain will be shot with implants to ensure future AZ Directive* compliance.
Andy is schmoozed by his boss as she plies him with wine. Non of that will be a problem. Delivery and pick-up are secure. Keep it confined to the flat. Assess, erase and pop it in the box for uplift on Monday.

The Setting. Set on earth in the near future, AI and robotic technology is everywhere. Humanoid robots occupy workplaces and homes.
Data Privacy. But progress has come at a cost: personal privacy has been sacrificed to provide customized services, security and life enhancements. Anyone who wants to socialize, use government systems or access private facilities, must sign-up to a service corporation that harvests their life-data.
Life Styles. Cybernetics is widespread. About half the population are virts. Having opted for brain implants, they live their lives in a virtual existence only surfacing when the real world requires.

*AZD – The AZ Directives.
Tech-human interactivity and conflict  got out of control in the mid 21st century. AZ Directives were brought in to impose internationally agreed limits on AI systems, robotics and cybernetics particularly with regard to military applications .