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The Robot in the Refrigerator –  what people are saying


A Few Reader Reviews


” . . . entertaining, gripping and thought provoking . . .” Yule-D


“Ex-Machina meets Asimov with a dash of William Gibson . . . Overall, I enjoyed the novel immensely.” – Get2Grips 


“It walks like a human being, talks like a human being, and behaves like a human being, but in reality it’s nothing but a high tech humanoid. Or is it? . . . As Andy’s personal conflict comes to a fast moving and surprising resolution, the novel raises challenging questions about artificial intelligence and its relation to the future of humanity.”
John Coutts


“. . . I am not an enthusiast of sci-fi books . . . it turned out to be a page-turner and in view of the strange, potentially dystopian, times we now live in prescient.” Anne Shaw

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