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Hi, please use the form below. Help us by labeling your message by using  one or more key words from the list below in the subject of your message. Keywords are written in CAPS. Thanks! Key words:

  • REVIEW RIF if you are offering to review the Robot in the Refrigerator 
  • PUBLICATION RIF if you’d like publication dates and info about Robot in the Refirgerator
  • OFFERS if you want to be advised about AZTIX special offers such as discounts
  • EVENTS if you want to find out about events or suggest and event
  • COLLABORATE if you’d like to join our team or collaborate with us
  • OTHER if non of the above applyPlease note, you can use several key words or non at all. It is optional, but it helps us help you.

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We are happy to collaborate for mutual benefit or because we think what you are doing aligns with our chosen direction. Our key interests are SF writing, existence,  ideas, belief,  technology and society, art and science.

If you are a service company that simply wants to sell your wares, or if you are not specifically  related to our interests, then we wish you all the best but ask you not to bombard us with offers.