The Robot in the Refrigerator

A fast moving, science Fiction, techno-thriller with philosophical underpinnings. Prepare to be catapulted into a near-future earth where a person’s profile counts for more than the human it’s based on and privacy is a luxury the corporations don’t want anyone to have. For a lowly technician and an illegal droid who are outside of the system, just existing is a problem . . .  betrayal is the only solution.

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Print: ISBN  9781908551085
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Robot Refrigerator ISBN 9781908551085


Reviews of The Robot in the Refrigerator

” . . . entertaining, gripping and thought provoking . . .” Yule-D


“Ex-Machina meets Asimov with a dash of William Gibson . . . Overall, I enjoyed the novel immensely.” – Get2Grips 


” . . . it’s nothing but a high tech humanoid. Or is it? . . .  raises challenging questions about artificial intelligence and its relation to the future of humanity.”    John Coutts


“. . .  a page-turner and in view of the strange, potentially dystopian, times we now live in prescient.” Anne Shaw

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Brief Description:

Hannah’s the boss, Andy’s the technician, Dorothea is the droid he’s to assess and dispose of . . .

Over the course of weekend, Andy embarks on a technology review that escalates into a life or death struggle. When a droid steps out of the delivery box in his hall, she starts to ask awkward questions about her status, her role and why it’s illegal for her to go out into the street. Andy’s got a dilemma. They sent him droid that has aspirations and emotion. After three days in his apartment he’s supposed to tell her that’s it, assessment’s complete, all that’s left is delete and recycle.

Hannah has doubts about Andy’s resolve. She makes moves to protect herself. Illegal AI is on a par with bio-terrorism and fraudulent cloning. If Andy messes this up, then he pays the price. Mind-rip will destroy him . . . but he should’ve thought of that when he ditched her instructions.




The Robot in the Refrigerator is available in print and as ebook from book stores and online.