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The author A McIver III ( the third Archie McIver of four), was born in Glasgow, studied physics at Glasgow University and is currently studying for a BA in Arts and Humanities with the Open University.

Work. One of his earliest employments was in the accounts department  of Scotland’s biggest and scariest bakery where he added up the bread, cakes and steak pies being delivered and returned; the building was so cavernous that runaway kids could hide and scoff buns for days. He also enjoyed a tranquil summer working at Mallaig harbour. When not engaged smoking kippers and pickling conger eels, he lunched on smoked-salmon filled rolls and mugs of tea  with the backdrop the Sound of Sleat and the mist-shrouded Isle of Skye, .

Having completed his degree in Natural Philosophy or physics, he pursued a career in education teaching physics, electronics and photography in a variety of state schools, a boarding school and at a Scottish university. He now spends his time writing, studying and making ‘things’ in his workshop with the far-fetched ambition of designing a new type of recumbent bicycle.

Writing. He has written and published the science fiction novel The Robot in the Refrigerator (due for release 2020). His next SF novel, the Planet Club (working title) has not yet been given a release date.

Favourite science fiction authors include:
George Orwell, Yevgeny Zamyatin, John Wyndham, Greg Bear, Philip K Dick.

Favourite movies and TV include John Carpenter’s Dark Star, Gattaca, Star Trek (early), 2001 a Space Odyssey

Areas of interest include physics, metaphysics, philosophy, art and design, robotics, inventions, whisky, cycling and religion.

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A McIver III – Author