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Creating Ourselves in Art & Technology

 HUMAN?             ANDROID?

Available in: Australia  Brazil  Canada   France  Germany  India  Italy  Japan  Mexico  Netherlands

Spain  United Kingdom USA

Our thoughts
Our shape and form
Our ability to think & function

From the earliest times humans have sought to leave a record of their thoughts in the materials around them.

Cup and ring marks, Kilmartin Glen, Scotland, circa 2000 BC .  Similar marks are found across the world. Their purpose is unknown.

In almost  all forms of art the most common subject matter is the representation of humans.

Statue from Greece - Kouros, now housed in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC.

One of the most intense areas of 21st  century  technological development is that of artificial intelligence, autonomous systems and robotics. We are  creating technological entities that think and act as we do

Innocence and Ice, a work of fiction set in the near future, has as its theme a human and a humanoid robot struggling to come to terms with creation. Available in paperback and eBook in 13 countries.