Humans – AZTIX investigates

How did they work? What was their function? What were their review ratings?

AZTIX is reviewing humans, a biological entity that was manufactured and distributed across all sectors in the late techzoic. AZTIX will attempt to locate, review and rate this product.


AZTIX Videos – The Human Review Series

AI-Lean and Dr P Dantic in Human  Review Number 1

The video series will cover areas such as human operating modes, measuring humans and how to tell if your human is working.

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AZTIX Books and other Non- digital Sources

The data catastrophe of the 21st C resulted in the loss of digital records. AZTIX investigates evidence and data that did survive  such as:

  • books – data encoded on pulped sheets of wood fiber.
  • film – images on transparent plastic
  • art –  images or representations created by humans using inks, paint, stone, metal
  • artifacts – things that humans made or used
  • traces – tracks, prints, remains of humans

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